About Me & TastyPolitics

I am a Multimedia Journalist/Reporter for a Television station in Northern Alabama, a Graduate of the University of Florida with a BS in Telecommunications News with big dreams to report from Capitol Hill, or even from City Hall. I hope that as a reporter I can work to enact change for the better. And frankly, politics is exciting for me. Think, avid football fan on Superbowl Sunday. That is me, during election season.

London 2010

When I’m not engulfed in the news, I find an outlet in cooking. Food is a huge part of my life. Cooking is another passion that, like politics, mixes equal parts joy, frustration, satisfaction, and bitter disappointment – a combination that makes for a satisfying pastime that never becomes mundane.

While cooking and politics may seem worlds apart, I like to think they complement each other.

Politics can pull people apart, but good food can bring them all back together.

Philadelphia, PA 2011

My Favorite Amendment

Contact Info:

Email: dnperallon@gmail.com


3 Comments to “About Me & TastyPolitics”

  1. [I hope that as a reporter I can work to enact change for the better. ]

    I hope your dreams aren’t shattered when the giant media conglomerates tell you what you can write about and what you can’t.

  2. Daniela, I love the dualism to your blog! It really makes it unique and invigorating… not to mention you’re appealing to a much bigger audience with more than one focus and possibly exposing them to something they’ve never really experienced before. Awesome job!

  3. This blog is so great Daniella! I will definitely will be keeping up with it…btw your tagline is awesome 🙂

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