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May 26, 2011

Tasty Politics = DC Dining

Sorry for the Hiatus! I am moving to DC For the summer for an internship at WUSA9 News, so what better time to come back to Tasty Politics? A friend has given me a wonderful list of restaurants and dives to try in Washington DC. I doubt I’ll get to all of them but my goal is to visit as many as possible while in the Capitol and then report back to you.

This list courtesy of Aubrey at Politigirl:

Cupcakes: Baked + Wired in Georgetown is my fave. It’s really close to Georgetown cupcakes, but I like it so much better. Other good options? Red Velvet in Chinatown and Sprinkles in Gtown.

Asian: Chinatown Express in Chinatown. get a noodle dish, the noodles are freshly homemade and delicious.

Mexican: Cactus Cantina in Cleveland park. It was George bush’s favorite restaurant while he was prez. i’d recommend a chicken fajita and swirled margarita…sooo good.

American: Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street.

Ethiopian: Dukem on U St.’s food is wonderful, and you get to eat with your hands. Cool cultural experience.

French: Monmartre in Eastern Market. they have an amazing brunch, and the crepes are to die for.

Italian: 2 Amy’s in Cleveland park (amaaaaazing neapolitan style pizza) or Toscana’s on Capitol Hill (homemade pasta, gelato, tiramisu, etc.)

Ice cream: Dolcezza Gelato in Dupont circle. literally tastes just like gelato in Italy

Bars/happy hours: I think my favorite is Hawk & Dove on Capitol Hill, but some other good ones are McFadden’s in Foggy Bottom, Union Pub on Capitol Hill, and Capital City Brewing downtown.

I hope you stick with me as I eat my way through DC!