TSA, Tea, & Kimchi

Last week representatives from the Transportation Security Administration – more commonly known as the TSA – testified in front of a House Oversight subcommittee hearing on body imaging technology. Other witnesses included health and security experts, and first-hand accounts from travelers. The goal of the hearing was to help lawmakers assess the effectiveness, health risks, and privacy issues involved with the full body scanners, which have caused quite a stir from travelers. (source)(source)

While some travelers were testifying about their less than comfortable experiences with the TSA, I was gallivanting about Philadelphia and Boston, having left my full body scan on some unknown computer at the Orlando International Airport (my philosophy being I just won’t think about the fact that a picture of me is out there floating around in some computer and rather I’ll just act like I’m going through a regular ol’ metal detector. Whatever helps me sleep at night, man).

I had delicious vegetarian food and flavor packed Korean cuisine, and of course I documented every last bite. Along the way I also ran into some political signs and statements….Here you go!

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