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March 2, 2011

City Commissioner Tom Hawkins

Earlier this month I sat down with Gainesville City Commissioner Tom Hawkins to chat about local pocourtesy of http://cityofgainesville.orglitical issues and, my favorite topic, food. I met him at a downtown Starbucks and conversation commenced over Tea, Coffee, and Starbucks pastries.

Top Political Issue Right now: More economic development in city. New businesses bring new jobs and new tax rolls.Bring in commuters so they become Gainesville residents. Make Gainesville a competitive place to live.
Make sure we have great public services.

#1 Goal: Transportation. . No longer underfund road maintenance!

Strategies: Bus rapid transit (higher capacity bus, own dedicated lane). Build bus stations. Broaden desirability of the bus system to reach a larger demographic.


Favorite food?: Burritos. Favorite place in Gainesville is Burrito Brothers. Favorite all time place is called Willy’s in Atlanta. “Imagine if Moe’s burritos didn’t suck!”

Favorite local restaurant?: Tim’s Thai on 23rd avenue. Chicken coconut lemongrass soup. Really good duck. Best pad thai I’ve ever had. The service isn’t great, though.

If you could cook anything without worrying about your skill level what would it be?: Barbecue….I’ve never smoked anything.

Current favorite thing to make?: Lately I’ve been doing a lot of baking – particularly banana bread!