Rick Scott Budget

President Obama has announced his 2012 Budget Proposal just after Governor Rick Scott of Florida announced his own budget cutting plans.

Here is a nifty spending graph of the President’s budget proposal

As for Florida, I had the opportunity to rush on down to Eustis, Fl, last Monday to cover a Tea Party rally where Rick Scott chose to reveal his own budget proposal. I flew down I-75 and arrived back in the studio just in time to put together a piece for the 6:30 news. Here’s the final product:


And speaking of budgets….

I’ve been working on my own as of late, and as much as I want to run to the grocery store and buy ingredients for a gourmet meal, I’m stuck with the year old cans of soup in my pantry.

However, I was able to go to the incredibly cheap Oriental Market on my street and buy noodles, soy sauce, and all the ingredients for homemade spring rolls – all for under $10.

“Well, Daniela,” You might ask. “Why isn’t it here? I want to know how to make homemade spring rolls!”

And to that I have to sorrowfully reply, “I would really have loved to make it, however, – COUGH, HACK – I feel like I might – COUGH HACK – cough up a lung and am consequently hopped up on Nyquil. I also sound like Kermit the Frog. “

And that is not delicious.

So, let’s just think of these promisingly delicious spring rolls as something we can both look forward to once I can get out of bed and stop my nose from running off.


One Comment to “Rick Scott Budget”

  1. The link to the NYT article failed to direct to the subject you intended.
    PS…why bother with NYT…except to use as fishwrapper? Take any data from the White House or NYT with a lump of salt.

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