SOTU in a Second

Let’s make a bet. How many times was President Barack Obama interrupted with applause during his State of the Union address? Over/Under 50?

Answer after the jump!


Not! You’re just going to have to wait until the end of this post. I know, patience isn’t my strong suit either.

So if you missed all the action, the thrill, the sleepy eyes of Joe Biden and John Boehner…never you fear. Here’s your SOTU in a Second.

President Barack Obama: Thank you to the 112th Congress and John Boehner. We extend our thoughts and prayers to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. America is awesome, even if we disagree and fight constantly over our differing beliefs. Now we will work together. New laws will only pass with support from Democrats and Republicans. But what’s important now is Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Getting a job is really difficult. We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world. Education is key, everything starts in the classroom. Want to make an impact? Be a teacher. You know what’s not making an impact? Our infrastructure. We got a “D”. Last years Health Care Bill? I hear some of you aren’t too fond of it, but we’re going to work together to get rid of stuff that in retrospect is kind of unnecessary. Also, we’re going to simplify the tax code! A few more things: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Support our troops, God Bless America!

So there you go! SOTU in a second! President Obama is a much greater orator than I;  his speech expressed the sentiments of so many Americans, whether you agree with the specifics or not. So, I encourage you to read the SOTU transcript . Do it for me. Do it for you.

Now for the GOP Response in a millisecond:

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin [the cheese state!]):

Hello, Good Evening, We are praying for Gabrielle Giffords. Tonight the president focused on the economy, and our debt in general – which is a huge problem. Huge. Our debt is the product of many presidents and many Congresses over a long period of time. But President Obama has added tremendously to that debt. He’s increased domestic spending for government agencies by 25%- 84 % if you count the Stimulus package. And after all that unemployment is still over 9%. I know Americans are skeptical that Republicans can or will bring down the debt, so please hold us all accountable. Because this debt is a really big deal. Also: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. We need to chart a new course. Thank you and Goodnight.

As I said before, I really encourage you to read the whole speech. It was a mere 10 minutes as compared to the hour long SOTU. And like President Obama, Paul Ryan is a much better Orator than I. His speech was full of stats and “this is what we’re gonna do!”s. So go read the GOP Response transcript. Do it for me. Do it for you.

And then, there was Michelle Bachman….

I’m not going to do a shortened version of Bachman’s Tea Party response simply because it’d be redundant. Also her  teleprompter was off-center so she spent the entire time talking into the left corner of my TV screen. And being as easily distracted as a cockatoo in a jewelry store, I stopped listening after the first half because all I could think was: “WHY IS SHE NOT LOOKING RIGHT AT ME, WHY IS HER TELEPROMPTER OFF CENTER?!” It was the News Nerd/Telecom major coming out in me. This behind-the-scenes knowledge is a gift, and a curse.


P.S. 80 times. They interrupted to applaud 80. Times. Eight. Zero. So what’d you guess?


One Comment to “SOTU in a Second”

  1. SOTU in 1/2 second: Invest, invest…blah, blah, blah…invest….blah, blah….invest, invest, invest…freeze spending at present unsustainable level…blah, blah…invest some more….meaningless spending cut…blah…invest…deficit reduction? :-/

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